Keith was born sometime in 1985, somewhere in the vicinity of Chicago, IL. Growing up he became fascinated with the world around him. Rarely able to focus on things long enough to move any idea forward, he seemed destined to a world of half-finished projects. His direction changed at Harper College in Palatine, IL, where he first explored the principles of Botany and the natural world.

Keith finished his undergraduate degree in 2009 at Northern Illinois University having worked on the natural product synthesis of Ricarrdin C and its analogs. He went on to get his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Ohio State University, developing new architectures in cavitand chemistry and rediscovering childhood creativity along the way, with the help and guidance of Professor Jovica D. Badjic. In 2014, Keith joined the group of the 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Sir Fraser Stoddart, at Northwestern University. His postdoctoral fellowship focused on the development of new cathode materials for organic rechargeable batteries. He also served as an adjunct lecturer on a course in Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry there at Northwestern. Since starting his independent career, he has served as a consultant and technology scout for numerous Fortune 500 companies spanning most areas of modern science. He now works with the software company DeepDyve on building SaaS solutions for scientific discovery and collaboration.

Trained as a physical organic chemist, Keith seeks to offer a unique molecular perspective of things we all come into contact with every day. Science, after all, is about uncovering the truth that the world has so graciously left for us.